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API Testing Training in Bangalore

Why and what is API Testing Course?

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. Advanced API Testing Course is one type of software testing which involves direct testing of application programming interfaces for functionality, reliability, performance, and security.
To put it more simply, an API is a code that enables communication between two software programs. API testing is necessary to reveal bugs, deviations, or any inconsistencies from the expected behavior of an API.
The advantages of API testing over other kinds of testing are that API testing is language-independent and GUI independent. It also reduces the testing costs, reduces the testing time, makes the test maintenance easy, etc…

What after the API Testing Training?

The average salary of an API tester ranges from 3,50,000 INR to 20lakhs INR. There are innumerable opportunities like API tester, Test Engineer, QAAnalyst, Freelancer, etc..,

Why Infogrow?

Infogrow is your one-stop solution for the Best API Testing Training Institute In Marathahalli Bangalore. Reputed as one of the top 10 Asia’s leading training institutes, we thrive and strive to open the doors of career opportunities for all our trainees. Here we mold our today’s trainees to tomorrow’s achievers.
Infogrow is a place wherein learning is blended to perfection. We are here to make you masters. Come, fall in love with our training and make your own success story with us.

Our Key Features:

  • Association with multiple MNC’s to ensure unlimited placement calls to our trainees.
  • Smart and less-crowded classes to encourage practical, innovative learning.
  • Special sessions to improve the presentation and communication skills of the trainees.
  • Hands-on on more than 15+ projects from different domains.
  • Additional modules like technical group discussion sessions, HR sessions, and mock aptitude tests.
  • Lifetime technical assistance besides course certification assistance.
  • Flexibility to the trainee to choose the timings of their training sessions.
  • Highly pocket-friendly fee.

API Testing Training Course Module

  • Course Introduction.
  • Introduction, Advantages to API testing and Web-Services.
  • Introduction and installation to Postman API Testing Tool.
  • API Testing using Postman.
  • Advanced Topics along with API Automation Framework.
  • Installation and Configuration of Java, JDE.
  • Project set up for Rest-Assured.
  • Hands-on, case study, and assignments.

API Testing Syllabus

1. Introduction to the course

  • Introduction

2. Prepare Our Tools

  • Summary of Tools used
  • Install web server and database on our local machine (AMPPS)
  • Installing WordPress on the local machine
  • Installing WooCommerce (our e-commerce) Plugin (key and secrete)
  • Installing WooCommerce Python Client
  • Installing MySQL WorkBench

3. WooCommerce Settings and Documentation

  • Configuring WooCommerce API
  • WooCommerce Official Documentation Review

4. Test Structure and Organization

  • Project Structure
  • Create our structure

5. Custom tools (scripts we will use for DB and API)

  • REST API Module: Create ‘class’ and test the API
  • REST API Module: ‘POST’ and ‘GET’ methods
  • DB Connection Module: connect and ‘SELECT’ statement
  • DB Connection Module: ‘UPDATE’ statement

6.Test Cases

  • PRODUCTS endpoint > introduction to the ‘products’ endpoint
  • PRODUCTS endpoint > Positive TC-1: create payload & make API call
  • PRODUCTS endpoint > Positive TC-1: verify the response
  • PRODUCTS endpoint > Quick manual check the DB for the created product
  • PRODUCTS endpoint > Positive TC-1: verify info in the DB
  • PRODUCTS endpoint > Negative TC-1: empty payload
  • PRODUCTS endpoint > Negative TC-2: missing ‘title’ parameter
  • PRODUCTS endpoint > Negative TC-3: empty string for ‘title’ parameter
  • PRODUCTS endpoint > Negative TC: verifications function for the negative test
  • PRODUCTS endpoint > Negative TC-3 continue: empty string for ‘title’ parameter

7.Test Runner Tool “Py.Test”

  • Introduction to “py.test”

8. CUSTOMERS endpoint test (API to create new customer)

  • CUSTOMERS endpoint > Intro to ‘customers’ endpoint
  • CUSTOMERS endpoint > create random user information
  • CUSTOMERS endpoint > positive test, create the payload and make API call
  • CUSTOMERS endpoint > positive test, verify API response
  • CUSTOMERS endpoint > SQL to verify customer in DB
  • CUSTOMERS endpoint > function to get customer info from DB
  • CUSTOMERS endpoint > create helper module, move random generator function
  • CUSTOMERS endpoint > Positive TC verify customer created in DB (with an assert)
  • CUSTOMERS endpoint > Positive TC verify customer created in DB (with if-else)

9.Miscellaneous/ Others

  • Data Loader usage for financial modules
  • Project documentation
  • Sample Resume preparation
  • Interview question and answers
  • ADI awareness and testing screens documentation



Best institute for data science all topics are covered end to end with real-time projects, the Best part is trainer is well experienced and have very good teaching techniques it’s easy to underwing simple examples I recommend this institution thank you.

have taken data science courses to learn data science practical hands-on projects as they say this institution provides 20+ hands-on plus 15+ case studies trainer Krishna sir the notes with regular practice sessions here I have learned a lot when I am stuck in coding training is alw6ready to teach and clarify with examples I strongly recommend this institution for data science thank you Krishna sir.

The reason I joined infogrowacademy is Krishna sir the way he gave the demo class was really great and as expected the class training was excellent as I have very little knowledge coding after these sessions its very good experience for me to understand learning with hands-on projects thank you very much.